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We at Tschudi Ship Management AS are glad to announce that in addition to our successful subsidiaries Tschudi Ship Management Ukraine AS (TSMU) and Tschudi Ship Management Holland B.V. (TSMH), active on the crewing market, a new company was established this August, commencing operations starting from September 2016 and adding value to the personnel services that we provide.

The new company shall be named Tschudi Personnel Services (TPS) and it shall engage in mediating and recruiting workforce for shore-based supportive services in the fields of construction, metal production, forestry, fish-farming and agriculture, to name a few, with the target markets of Norway, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands. This is the company to contact if you need additional employees. 

The new company shall be located in Tschudi’s Tallinn office and shall be run and managed by Ms Olga Galperman, Recruitment Manager. 

Here, on this page, you can find it under Services

We are excited about the new company and are certain that it shall enrich the Group’s current scopes of action.


For more information and services please contact: