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We at Tschudi Ship Management AS take good care of our people and it is not just words - each member of the company, whether on- or offshore, is of high value and our relationship is a close professional one - we know about our people's aspirations and promote these.


Today we share with you some great news - we have a promotion in the company:

Our true and trusted Chief Officer Marko Välja now serves as Captain Marko välja on the vessel CABO STAR. 


Capt. Marko Välja has been with us as a Chief Officer starting from 2017 on CABO STAR. He has an impressive work record of rapid growth from 2nd Officer to Chief Officer to Master in the course of a mere 6 years.

Capt. Marko Välja is highly appreciated by our Owners and crews alike for his determination, high work ethic, strive and out-of-box problem-solving skills and throughout his career at Tschudi has served on CABO STAR, a ro-pax trading at Trinidad and Tobago, and on MV BLUEFORT, an accommodation vessel that prior her retirement serviced demanding offshore projects all over the world. 

Growing from Chief Officer to Captain is not a given career route - it requires persistence, intrepidity, and constant will to learn and implement new skills and expertise. Capt. Marko Välja is endowed with all these characteristics and contributes considerably to our ability to serve as the dependable and established service provider that we are. He has the "Owner's touch" - our company's main service principle - when it comes to managing a vessel.

Capt. Marko Välja's love for the maritime is beautifully reflected in one of his hobbies as a photographer. The vessel Owners and our social media presence have, over the years, greatly profited from his ability to see, capture and convey. Have a look below and indulge.


Welcome, Capt. Marko Välja and let the good winds favour you!

Tschudi Ship Management AS is happy to have you at the wheel!


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