Dating back to 1883, the Tschudi  Group core values are built on a solid foundation of four generations and values which we wish to be associated with and convey to future generations.



  • Be committed to our core values and ideas giving the confidence to take rewarding risks under uncertainty.
  • Support and respect new ideas, our customers, colleagues and owner.  This is only possible if you are committed to and trust your colleagues so that everybody can contribute positively.


  • Respect your colleagues and clients by delivering in time and give reliable feedback and support.
  • Gain the customers trust and respect by delivering above their expectations.
  • Respect differences in culture and personalities. 


  • Be ahead! Create opportunities.
  • Take opportunities and think options.
  • Act before a solution becomes a problem or even better turn it into an opportunity.



Creating Value by Daring to be Different

  • Dare to think differently in order to find new, smarter and better solutions in everything we do.

  • Look for opportunities and identify new niches early and develop their potential by offering good and innovative solutions.

  • Be prepared to take unexpected but potentially rewarding risks based on our knowledge and expertise.