Crew management

We consider the crew to be the most important factor in ship management and securing a crew with a high retention rate is our highest priority. A loyal, stable and skilled workforce contributes to cost effectiveness and efficiency.  A professional ship management is based on our strong team working together at sea and ashore.


crew management includes:

  • Competence management according to industry's and Owners' needs
  • Recruitment and selection of high standard crew mainly from the Baltics, Ukraine, the Philippines and Holland
  • Extensive portfolio of our own Tschudi seafarers, with a tight network of partners enabling additions. International headhunt, if needed
  • Adhering local content regulations, if required
  • CBA negotiations

we provide all rankings to all vessels/units

which translates to optimal crew specific to the project or vessel, temporary or permanent. All tested, true and waterproof.


"Providing you a crew with a high retention rate is our priority."


for more information please contact:

Irina Golubitskaja

Head of the Crew Department

Office: +372 6409709

Cell: +372 5081253

Marja 9

10617 Tallinn