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Supervision & CONSULTANCY

We offer high quality and cost efficient ship management, vessel inspections and consultancy services to Shipowners and Governmental maritime institutions. Operating with a "ship-owner's" approach, focus is on the longer term value creation and asset protection.

We have wide experience in the field and in particular can refer to having carried out the technical supervision services of the entire Estonian Navy fleet. 

Our superintendants are there to protect your interests:

  • before and during dry docks;

  • in preparation for and during the execution of repairs;

  • in assisting 3rd party clients in managing and operating vessels.

Should you have any queries regarding the management of your fleet or a vessel under your responsiblity please feel free to contact us and we will help you find a solution to any pressing matter. 


For more information please contact

Margus Raad

Managing Director

Office: + 372 6409 781

Marja 9


Tschudi Ship Management AS